Account Agreement Banking

1. If your payment account, without the Service`s fault, does not contain enough funds to complete the transaction or if the transaction exceeds the credit limit of your overdraft account; You can access your online and mobile accounts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. However, they recognize and accept that at certain times, some or all mobile and online banking services may be unavailable due to system maintenance or circumstances beyond our control. If your account does not have sufficient resources to make all the electronic transfers (including ATM withdrawals, pre-authorized transactions and online and mobile bank transfers) that you have requested for a given business day, then: (1) Some electronic transfers with currency payments, such as ATM withdrawals, have the priority we have set at our sole discretion; and (2) Electronic transfers initiated via Online and Mobile Banking may result in an overdraft of your account and be cancelled at our sole discretion. Online Banking offers a number of electronic banking services that allow you to manage your personal or business accounts from your home or office on your computer. These online banking services include: (1) advertising bank account balances and verifying transaction history, including access to electronic returns, for accounts registered with the relevant service; (2) transfer of funds between accounts, including pre-authorized transfers (as long as this is provided for in the bank account contract and account information); (3) Pay your bills online; and (4) to communicate directly with us via email. Cancellation of electronic billing return – The electronic beneficiary reserves the right to cancel the submission of electronic invoices at any time. You can cancel the e-billing model at any time. The time it takes to cancel your electronic billing model can vary from Payee to Payee.

Depending on each recipient`s billing cycle, this can last up to sixty (60) days. The service will notify your electronic beneficiaries of the change in your account status and it is your responsibility to make arrangements for another form of billing. The service is not responsible for submitting electronic invoices already in progress at the time of cancellation. If you use online and mobile banking, you must have sufficient resources in your account (including, if applicable, overdraft coverage available) to cover the amount of transfers and related overdraft coverage. We do not have to notify you if Online and Mobile Banking do not sign up for a transfer, as there are not enough credits in your account to process the transfer. We can process transfers that exceed your available balance, but we don`t have to. If we do, you agree to pay us immediately for the overdraft and the costs incurred. We may suspend the authorization of overdrafts at any time without notice. In addition, certain products and services offered in mobile banking may have additional general terms and conditions regarding overdraft fees or fees or other transfer-related problems. Therefore, you should check the current agreements for the product or service concerned to verify the additional information, conditions or conditions. They allow us to choose all the means that we deem appropriate to give instructions on the transfer of funds to the financial institution concerned.

These options include banking channels, electronic means, wire transfer systems, postal, courier or telecommunications services, intermediary banks and other organizations.