Bahasa Indonesia Wedding Agreement

Parwez is adept at developing a variety of film stories. Thus, the film is still being chased by Indonesian film lovers, this time with the English title Wedding Agreement. “I couldn`t find a title suitable for the Indonesian language for this film. I`m sorry if the title is in English, but please don`t question the title. But enjoy the story, I hope everyone will enjoy it,” said Starvision producer Chand Parwez. One thing that is close to my heart in this film is that Aghniny Haques is less than a maximum comedy for her role as Sarah. You can`t say it`s bad, just a little less greget. Yes, it`s just a personal opinion. Archie Hekagery`s film presents a classic conflict with contemporary presentations that touch millennials.

The emotions of the audience are carried from time to time and can also feel what the main character, Indah Permatasari, feels. Even if Tari comes home late without first informing him, Byan does not hesitate to scold Tari. This makes Tari sometimes confused whether Byan has actually started to have a taste for her or not. Alumni of Bandung State Polytechnic | | 1995 filmmaker | Contact: One day, Bian falls ill, although Tari remains patient with his flat and fresh attitude to Tari when he takes care of the sick bian, Bian`s character slowly begins to soften and dried him even feeds the porridge, making Tari happy. Things change when Sarah enters her house to visit Bian, Tari feels devastated and leaves the house all day. Bi Darmi is surprised to see bian and Sarah snuggle up. When she comes home, Bian is angry with Tari because she leaves, Tari gets angry because she doesn`t want to be home when Sarah comes, Bian apologizes. Tari, who is always disappointed, will attend a seminar in Bandung with Ami and will not leave Bian because there will be a family Arisan event, Bian advises Tari that in religion, women should not travel without the man`s permission, but Tari, because they did not feel from the beginning, they always told to leave. Problems arose during Tari`s trip to Bandung, unbalanced toll cards, flat tires and car engines that send smoke.

Diacara, Bian`s family asks Tari who did not come. Kinan, Bian`s younger brother, suspects that Bian`s house is in trouble. Suddenly, Tari comes to Bian`s parents and won`t go until permission, so the suspicions of Kinan and Bian`s parents are gone. At one point, Bian Tari invites to attend Papa Bian`s birthday party, they play as a happy couple.