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A data exchange was designed to improve the way the department collects and uses administrative data. While not a funding requirement, the department encourages all families and child service providers to participate in the data exchange partnership approach. If the application form relates to a bag component, applicants should include the costs of bag allocation increases in their labour costs. Organizations should provide the specific labour costs (including the annual order to offset debt costs) for the delivery of the service when applying for funding. DSS will only provide grants with individual organizations. If two or more organizations apply for funding as a consortium, a member organization must be designated as a management. The lead member must submit the application and is the corporation that, if successful, enters into the grant agreement with the Commonwealth and is empowered to negotiate and act on behalf of the Commonwealth and to engage each member of the consortium. Service Delivery Consortium or subcontractor must be included in the grant agreement and included in the application file. The extension period also provides a window of opportunity for the department to examine the future of these services in their broader context, including the future of the National Framework for the Protection of Australian Children, which is expected to be discontinued in 2020. The review will inform the early review of funding agreements for family and child activities as of July 1, 2021. A decision on funding in a DSS selection process is final. Who is the “customer” related to the program? For example, my organization receives grants, but we use it to then fund national and local federations, to help local communities support the target audience.

Where can I find information about DSS financing opportunities? In addition to the first letter, suppliers will receive a change letter from the department in early 2020. This letter will contain further details about the extension, for example. B the amount of credits. Suppliers who do not wish to participate in a funding extension are encouraged to contact their funding agreement managers to discuss an exit strategy. While DSS strives to provide information and support to organizations, it is the responsibility of organizations seeking DSS grants to keep adle for additional information published throughout the application period. All organizations are invited to visit the site regularly. Yes, yes. Your application can be withdrawn by sending an email with the payment request to Please include in your email your registration number and the name of the promotion round you would like to withdraw from. All DSS promotional rounds will be published on the Grants page of the Community Grants Hub website. Are you going to look for evidence of cooperation in requests for help? For open funding cycles, feedback summaries may be available and some may provide individual feedback. Advice on each funding cycle can be provided on the corresponding funding page of the Closed Funding Cycles table.

The DSS feedback policy is also available on the site. It is up to each applicant to determine whether they meet the eligibility requirements for aid cycles.