Intrax Job Placement Agreement

You can apply from October, both for the employment agencies and for the J1 visa service. Normally, we sell jobs until February/March. If you are in charge of a job on your own, please note that the self-study period is January 31. Clearly describe all housing agreements, housing information or salary deductions on the host`s application. If you have any adjustment questions, please contact IWT at or call us free of charge at 1-888-224-0450. After completing a program with the J1 visa, you have the option to stay up to 30 days in the United States. In the meantime, you can only travel to the United States, so you should not travel to Canada or Mexico and then return. You can also travel to the U.S. up to 30 days before the program begins if you receive the visa on time. During the grace period, you may not be active in your hospitality business.

The insurance you receive with intrax does not cover you for the extra time, so it is your responsibility to contact our U.S. office to extend your insurance to cover you for the extra time. If you want to do an internship in the U.S. and don`t have time to find and apply for your business, you can use our placement service for an internship in the United States. We mainly offer unpaid internships for three or four months in the field of your studies. For internships or training in the hospitality sector, we offer 12-month paid positions in 5-star hotels/resorts and fine restaurants. Job Placement Program: You pay in two installments: The application fee is due after receiving your application and checking your authorization via a webcam interview. The remaining program fees are due as soon as you and your host company have confirmed the placement. If your host company has multiple branches in the U.S. and it`s clear from the start that you should be deployed on multiple sites, you can apply. However, it will cost more internovers on several sites.

We then need a host enterprise agreement and a training plan for each sector, as well as the validation call and, if necessary, on-site.