No Smoking In Lease Agreement

Caution: Declare that the tenant loses bail if evidence of smoking tobacco or cannabis or other illicit substances is found in any form in rented or rented premises. A smoker`s supplement is an additional document added to an existing rental agreement. After the signing, this document will be included in the original agreement. The owner should consider one if the current lease is silent, if smoking is allowed on the premises. Even if the lease is already signed, a landlord can still ask for a night to sign this document if he is particularly concerned about the use of the substances listed by his tenants. 7. Other tenants are third-party beneficiaries of the tenant contract. Tenant agrees that the other tenants in the facility are the third-party beneficiaries of the tenants from the additional no-tobacco contracts with the landlord. (According to the layman, this means that the tenant`s obligations were incurred in this endorsement to both other tenants and the landlord.) A tenant may refuse another tenant to refrain from prohibiting smoking, or for damages, but does not have the right to distribute another tenant. Any legal action between tenants does not create a presumption that the landlord breached this endorsement. 8. Right to breach and terminate.

A violation of this lease addendum gives each party all the rights it contains as well as the rights in the lease. A substantial violation of this endorsement is a substantial breach of the lease and the reasons for the immediate termination of the lease by the owner. 9. Not the owner`s liability. The Tenant recognizes that the owner`s acceptance of a non-smoking residential environment and efforts to qualify the rental complex as a non-smoking facility does not alter the level of care that the landlord or executive representative would have for a tenant household to make buildings and premises declared non-smoking safer, habitable or in terms of air quality standards than all other tenant buildings. The landlord expressly objects to any implicit or explicit assurance that the building, common areas or tenant`s premises will have higher or improved air quality standards than any other leased property. The owner cannot and does not guarantee that rental premises or common areas are free of passive smoke. The Tenant recognizes that the landlord`s ability to monitor, monitor or enforce the agreements of this addendum depends in large part on the voluntary compliance by the tenant`s and tenant`s clients.