Parliamentary Services Enterprise Agreement

DPS staff are employed under the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 and the Department of Parliamentary Services Enterprise Agreement 2017. Sections 22 (2) (a) and 26 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 provide for mobility between the GSP and the Australian public service. The details of the mobility provisions are also detailed in Division 4 of the 2013 parliamentary provision. The provisions for the recruitment of GSPs in progress for the current employment in the parliamentary service are in fact the same as for moves within each department. Staff members who move to parliamentary service for non-current positions must take time off without paying for this period. Section 22 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 stipulates that parliamentary service staff must normally be an Australian citizen. However, if you are not an Australian citizen, you may be considered a commitment provided you are able to obtain Australian citizenship within a specified period of time. If citizenship is not acquired within the allotted time, this could lead to the end of the commitment. All new DPS employees must complete a form sent to the Australian Federal Police to verify the police records. Some tasks performed in the department require a security clearance. The security requirements for each contract are recorded in the service statement.

The salary or salary range of an organization you may be interested in is indicated in the Notice of Notification of the Vacancy. The ministry`s enterprise agreement set the salary range for each DPS classification. New members of the service are generally recruited at the minimum wage level in the wage sector. All new department staff are required, as a condition of their employment, to comply with safety, citizenship and health requirements, as well as certain other issues. Former members of the Australian Public Service, the Australian Parliamentary Service or a non-APS Commonwealth employer who have accepted voluntary severance pay are generally not allowed to be hired during the “dismissal” period.