The Relationship Agreement Play

Director Meherzad Patel uses his creative license to have fun with effervance and weave in his dialogues contemporary references, pop culture, politics, news. Sumona Chakravarti, from Comedy Nights with Kapil Fame, plays the provocative friend of Danesh Irani`s lover. Your chemistry will leave you in the divisions. Veteran Darius Shroff plays the father of 60-year-old Danesh, who befriended a lady, Meher Acharia Dar, on Facebook, who turns out to be Sumona Chakravarti`s mother. This complicated equation leads to a good dose of humor. When Amy first signed her in “The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition” (S5E10), she found it very romantic. With “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation” (S06E15), she called it a ridiculous contract, right after Sheldon said she couldn`t move in with him. It also appreciated the fact that the agreement was binding. The play is a new age comedy about a few, weaned on social networks, who pronounces a relational contract written to save themselves from the usual arrangement of trial and error, which is the norm.

A couple establishes a relationship contract to avoid attempts and mistakes in a relationship. Things get even more complicated when their parents meet on social media and start making an appointment. Will the young couple be able to respect the agreement? A humorous interpretation of modern relationships, the play is almost like a stand-up comedy – it keeps you completely amused. The Relationship Agreement is an English comedy, organised by the Zee Theatre, a special offer from the stable of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. The play has been performed in different locations in India and has received overwhelming resonance from the theatrical community. Its contemporary hues, funny dialogues and impeccable timing of the occupation were also praised by the media. The Bombay Times summed up the play with the following: “It`s a fun interpretation of relationships. Absolutely a must. The midday tabloid gave a fiery critique that praised the occupation and the narrow direction all around. . .