Advertising Sales Representative Agreement

“Strategic Transaction Services” means an ad sale transaction involving a strategic transaction. Section 8.03 Global Agreement. This Agreement (including the schedules that form part of this Agreement) constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the subject matter of the Contract and supersedes all prior written and oral agreements, understandings and negotiations between the Parties regarding the subject matter of the Contract. This Agreement is not intended to confer any rights or remedies on any person other than the Parties. The development of an advertising representative agreement includes the following steps: paragraph 8.12. Allotment. This Agreement shall apply in favour of the Parties and their respective legal representatives and successors and shall not be bound by this Agreement, either expressly or implicitly, to confer on any other person any rights or remedies of any kind under or on the basis of this Agreement. Unless expressly provided otherwise in this Agreement, neither Party may assign this Agreement or its rights or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of the other Party, and such assignment shall not be valid; provided that one of the Parties may assign this Agreement to a successor company in connection with the reinstatement of that Party in another jurisdiction or in another form of activity. (a) to display the ads sold by UOL Media Group on the relevant website and, furthermore, to comply with the terms of the contract or other agreement entered into by UOL Media Group for the sale of such ads; (b) to participate in UOL Media Group sponsorships and otherwise comply with the terms of the agreement entered into by UOL Media Group for such sponsorship; ACCORDINGLY, the Parties have had this Agreement signed by their duly authorized representatives. (b) The parties agree to cooperate and cooperate in good faith in developing a quarterly advertising sales plan (“Sales Plan”). The sales plan includes, among other things, pricing policies and the range of discounts for ads and sponsorship. In addition, the CMO can identify in the sales plan all advertisers and/or types of ads that cannot be sold on behalf of the CMO and delivered to the websites. Failure to agree on a sales plan does not constitute a material breach of that agreement.

CONSIDERING that, in this Agreement, each Party wishes to define the main conditions under which UOL Media Group provides certain promotional services to CMO. Here is the example of the advertising agreement. The same can be downloaded as a PDF file and contain the terms according to your needs. These agreements are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you need any changes or questions, please contact us before downloading. By clicking on the button below, I agree with the general conditions of sale. To achieve a high turnover, many companies employ outsourcing representatives who can effectively market their goods and services. The purpose of the agreement on advertising representatives is to indicate the conditions under which the representative undertakes to work towards compliance with federal and regional laws relating to the sales area to promote the company`s products. It can also be used by the sales representative or a person wishing to define the conditions with a company.

(a) UOL Media Group has the exclusive right to sell on the Websites all standardised advertisements (i.e. advertisements corresponding to the “ad-unit guides” published by the IAB) on the Websites, unless this is stated in these Rules. For the avoidance of doubt, ad inventory sales associated with strategic transactions are excluded from the above exclusivity. In the event that a strategic transaction is expected to use a substantial amount of inventory available for use in retail services, the parties will make good faith efforts to discuss and plan inventory allocation to ensure that commitments made in retail services are not affected. . . .