Business Matching Agreement

Our business matching services connect you directly to buyers, distributors, sellers, wholesalers and manufacturers. You don`t need to go to a business event that binds you to the party concerned. These connections are organized by one-on-one meetings, online meetings on Zoom or other platforms depending on your choice, phone calls or emails. Our business matching specialists are here to answer all questions and identify potential partners for your business. Our business matching services have an overall satisfaction rate of 95%, as surveyed by our customers worldwide. Our Business Matching is an online service for you, in order to connect with businesses and individuals with common business interests. The goal is to create a win-win situation in which you and the interested party can benefit from technology, products, services, customer and business networks. We offer our customers the opportunity to tailor their business requirements to users of the most appropriate products and services, product manufacturers, service providers, medical providers and manufacturers, agents, distributors, importers and exporters. We can also compare you to licensing users if you own the intellectual property and want to find customers who can use it. In addition, we are well connected with business organizations around the world and, if you want to join them for networking, we present them to you. The business matching service is offered either to grow your business or to find the potential partner to start your business. This is how we tried to achieve the objectives of our clients that were not limited to sectors.

Here we offer two types of Business Matching Services: To put it simply, if you are a service provider, you have the opportunity to find the right buyers/users of your services. If you are an entrepreneur and want to turn your business ideas into products, we will find a manufacturer with the right skills, prices, payment terms and after-sales solutions. If you are looking for a buyer to use your patents/brands/technology, we can also help.