Microsoft Office Campus Agreement

The latest versions for the above products can be used for free, as they are covered by campus agreements. I understand that if DREW does not renew the Student Option Agreement, I must remove or remove the Licensed Software under this Agreement from my computer at the time of expiration or termination of the Agreement. If STUDENT enters into its contract during the term of the agreement, the software license will be converted to a perpetual license (i.e. you own the software), as confirmed by your student license confirmation which can be obtained at that time from DREW. Confirmation of the student license is proof of ownership of the software. The campus makes Office 365 available to staff and teachers as a central productivity tool. This campus agreement does not provide technical support at home, but you can purchase this service from Microsoft if you wish. All employees and teachers are included in a campus license for Office 365. The following units are subscribed for Windows operating systems and basic CALs for access to the AD server and Visio and/or Project. (PLEASE NOTE THAT SERVER PRODUCTS are not included in the Campus Agreement) Please note that we have not included Visio or Visual add-on options from cost reports. These must be acquired as individual licenses under the Select Plus agreement. I will read and abide by the license agreement associated with this software.

Effective July 1, 2019, the new Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA) has undergone significant changes in the way licensing is distributed to the faculty and staff of the University of Arizona. You need to buy these products from the IT buying team, as is currently the case. We will have a selected agreement with Microsoft that will give us enhanced Microsoft products. Microsoft Office 2016 and Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac, which are in summary referred to as “Software”, are made available to you, hereinafter referred to as “STUDENT”, as Drew University, hereinafter referred to as “DREW”, has acquired license coverage for the Software through the Microsoft Campus subscription option during your registration period at DREW. DREW extends student`s right to use the software on your PC, which is for your exclusive use. STUDENT does not own the license, but you are using the license that DREW is available for the term of the contract. STUDENT is required to remove the software from your PC immediately after the precedent of (a) an event, with the exception of the degree that makes you no longer a DREW student; or (b) expiration of the term of the campus contract subscription. Microsoft`s annual subscription licensing program “MCCA” is a way to license an entire department/department/office with software for work, research, or study….