Sample Confidentiality Agreement For Financial Statements

Confidential financial information disclosed may consist of bank documents, tax documents, sales revenues, forecasts, accounting documents, fixed assets, salary or income information or other financial information that, if made public, could influence the outcome of a transaction between the parties. Confidential information also includes related information that may be disclosed as part of financial data (e.g. B social security and bank account numbers, as well as access credentials and passwords). Note that if you use a confidentiality agreement with a party, you must use it for everyone to whom you disclose similar financial information. The first paragraph requires a lot of inputs requested by this form. Let`s start with the first three empty lines. Here we will record the official date of this agreement. This can only be done at the bottom of the blank line page, called the “receiving party`s signature”, where the receiving party must sign their name. Underneath, he or she must print his or her name. The submission of a Financial Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) is intended for companies that wish to provide information to companies while maintaining confidentiality. For example, a company may use a consultant to check its status and possibly improve its performance, must provide this consultant with a whole range of information.