Subscription Agreement Gdpr

First, check which emails do not have consent. If you used the subscription forms provided by Mailigen to collect emails, you have already entered the subscriber`s consent data into your account. There is no particular format, and controllers generally suggest their form of data processing agreement when hiring a processor. The essential condition is that the content of the data processing agreement is in line with the legal requirements of the RGPD and that the contracting parties are then free to determine the form or layout and, if necessary, the additional clauses they wish to include (. For example, data protection compensation, contacts of data protection delegates of one of the parties, and procedures for dealing with a breach of personal data subject to the personal data processing contract). b) the duration of subscriptions. Customer access to purchased subscription services begins on the start date indicated in the corresponding order form and continues for the subscription period shown on this order form. At the expiry of each subscription period, the subscription period for all purchased subscription services is automatically extended for the same period as the extension period, unless one party chooses not to extend the other party by notifying the other party in writing at least 30 days prior to that extension (or on any date before the renewal date, if the expiring order form provides for a monthly subscription). Unless otherwise stated in a written press release sent to the customer at least 60 days before the renewal (or 30 days if the order form ends a monthly subscription), the unit price of an extension of the subscription`s validity does not increase by more than 5% (5%) longer subscription time. An entry discount or temporary discount, offered during a previous subscription period, does not apply to extending the duration of the subscription. To avoid doubts, the above caps for price increases do not apply to extensions for which a customer switches from a monthly subscription to a longer subscription. 7.3 Objection.

If necessary, OutSystems updates the subprocessors listed in Schedule B quarterly, allowing the customer to reasonably object to such a change within 30 days of the first day of the quarterly update containing the corresponding subprocessor (the first day of January, April, July or October). The client agrees to be informed of the changes to Appendix B via the OutSystems website and agrees to review the list quarterly.