Dr Len Hall vs Dudu

Dr Len Hall com seu empresário Millard Rauh. Dr Len Hall with his manager Millard Rauh.

Dr Len Hall, a famous American Wrestler fought in the Brazilian CACC’s season and won names like Dudu (Idol’s past of the Luta Livre), Grillo and Jim Atlas.

Dudu was defeated in 10 minutes in a fight planned by 1 round only of 40 minutes. Dudu was pinned.

Dr Len Hall, famoso Wrestler americano lutou na temporada de Catch As Catch Can em 1937 no Brazil e venceu nomes como Dudu, Grillo e Jim Atlas.

Dudu foi derrotado aos 10 minutos numa luta programada para 1 round de 40 minutos por encostamento de espáduas, uma regra clássica do Catch.


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